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Stagecoach Farm

Centered around a fully remodeled farmhouse, this unique 14.5 acre property has something for everyone! Recently featured with Cincinnati Magazine, this tasteful home features stunning new floors, an ...

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Court and Vine – A Staging Stunner!

Check out our latest project! The team was given a blank slate to turn this amazing Court Street condo into our latest Airbnb! Designed & perfectly executed, what was once an empty space is now a ...

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3746 Drakewood Drive | Oakley

Our Newest Listing is a beautiful 4 bed, 3 bath home located on one of the best streets in Oakley!   Walkable to either Oakley or Hyde Park, this house features a fully fenced backyard, spacious ma...

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Can you clean your area rugs at home?

Is your area rug due for a cleaning? Even if you haven’t had a major spill recently, routine cleaning can revive your rug’s appearance and extend its lifespan. But how do you go about cleaning ...

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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

When temperatures cool down, shutting your windows can help you save on energy costs. But what’s good for your comfort (and your wallet) isn't always good for your indoor air quality. Along with hea...

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What’s trending in home renovation?

Home design trends are constantly shifting, but the changes have been much more noticeable these past few years. Homeowners want a refuge, multifunctional spaces and room for outdoor entertaining. ...

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How Paint Colors Impact Home Value

Are you looking for a simple way to increase the value of your home? If you’re planning on selling your house in the near future (or just want an update that will stay relevant), a fresh coat of pai...

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5 Simple Winter Landscaping Tips

Is your landscape somewhat lackluster during the winter season? It doesn’t have to be. With strategic planning and a few bold design choices, you can create an outdoor space that’s interesting, co...

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Helpful Home Checkup Checklist

The winter season brings an increased chance of inclement weather, and if your home isn’t up to the challenge, you might end up having to make repairs. So why take any chances? Learn how to take ...

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